Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Best Sunscreens for Acne-Prone Skin

Ahh, summer has finally arrived in Chicago and I absolutely can't get enough of it!!! Warm weather, sand, volleyball, dresses, flip flops, festivals, grilling out... I can probably rave on and on about how much I love summer in Chicago. There's just something about relaxing by the pool, walking along Lake Michigan and enjoying a good book outside (or trashy magazine) that makes me feel like I'm in heaven.

Unfortunately, as much as I adore the sun's rays and all the fun they bring, I don't necessarily want to look like a leather handbag in a few years. And I have no inclination to resemble the now famous (or "infamous") tanning mom. (Google "tanning mom" if you have yet to see this lovely women and her dark shade of mochalicious skin. Don't say I didn't warn you!) Like many people with acne-prone skin, I've always been hesitant about what sort of sunscreen to use on my face for fear that it will trigger breakouts. But I also know that all my acne treatments make my skin even more susceptible to burning or hyperpigmentation so I have to be extra careful.

Fortunately there are several brands and options of sunscreens that are available to people with acne-prone skin and being the product junkie that I am, I've tried many. Here are my top picks for the summer:
    • SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50: This is hands down my number one favorite sunscreen to use for the summer and all year round. Not only does this shield your skin from harmful rays without feeling the least bit greasy or oily, but it also has a universally flattering tint to even out your skin tone. It dries quickly, leaves no white residue and hasn't caused any breakouts whatsoever. I can put on makeup right after applying and it looks great. I seriously love this stuff!
      Cost: $32.00/50ml

    • Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream For Face SPF 55:  Shiseido is well known for making some excellent products and this one is no exception. If you are looking for a moisturizing sunscreen that blends easily and won't clog pores, this is a good one to try.
      Cost: $35/2 oz

    • Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Defense Moisture Lotion SPF 30: I like using this oil free formula as a moisturizer and SPF all-in-one. It's loaded with antioxidants that are beneficial for skin and doesn't cause any breakouts. Although it blends fairly easily, it takes a little longer to dry, so I would wait about 10 minutes or so to put any makeup on over it. Overall pretty good, but in my opinion, a little costly for the amount you get.
      Cost: $42/1.7 oz

    • L'Oreal Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen SPF 50+ Liquid Silk Sunshield For Face: Infused with antioxidants like Vitamin E and white grape seed, this is a great affordable sunscreen which won't break you out. It's oil-free, won't clog pores and goes on very lightly with a matte finish. This can also double as your makeup primer and claims to be ultra-water resistant. What's not to love?
      Cost: Approximately $10.99 depending on where you purchase. Definitely the best value. :) 

     And last but definitely not least...
    • NeoCutis Journee Bio-Restorative Day Cream With SPF 30: Possibly the closest thing to the fountain of youth, this fragrance-free moisturizer with sunscreen was recommended to me by someone who worked at my dermatologist's office. From Switzerland, this product contains human growth factors, antioxidants, and a host of anti-aging ingredients that not only shield you from the sun, but repair your skin as well. The cream looks beige when first dispensed, but goes on clear with a hint of a glow, and one pump is more than enough for your entire face. It's not greasy or oily in the least bit and doesn't cause breakouts. I absolutely fell in love immediately upon my first application. So what's wrong with this "miracle in a bottle"? Well, nothing, except that for $120, it's pretty pricey. While very few products are worth their cost, I would say this one truly is, and the bottle DOES last a long time. I love how my skin feels afterward and it's nice to not have the extra step of applying a sunscreen after a moisturizer. If you are in the market to splurge, I highly recommend! Also, it retails a little less on Amazon, so you might be able to purchase it cheaper than at the dermatologist's office. :)  

    As with any other products, some people may still break out from certain sunscreens even if they are marketed for acne-prone skin. I definitely recommend doing a small patch test before applying all over. Experiment with what works best for your skin, and I hope you find what you love! 

    What are some of your favorite sunscreens?  


    1. I always want to try shisedo sunscreen, but i heard controversial reviews of this, some sayit's really non-greasy, while some say it's thick and clot pore!!

      thx gor yr nice review anywat;)

      1. Thanks! I would suggest trying a sample of the Shiseido sunscreen first and see if you like it and how your skin reacts. Department stores and Sephora are great for giving out samples and also will let you return a product if you find that you really don't like it, so it's worth a shot. It is a bit greasier than some others I've tried, but didn't break me out or seem to clog my pores. With this heat and humidity, the last thing we want is a greasy face! :)


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